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Let's Talk Energy

  In Twitter we can only state things briefly, so, let's dive a little bit deeper concerning the global energy supply. We won't discuss climate here since it rapidly turns into a quagmire. However, for the sake of argument , let's say reducing the CO2 intensity of our world energy supply is a worthwhile objective. First, let's see where we stand today.  This is our global primary energy supply: And then, even though electricity currently represents less than 20% of world final energy consumption, this is how electricity generation by source looks today: Due to the fact that it is easier to replace fossil fuels in electricity generation than in primary energy overall, most of the energy discussions we listen to focus on electricity to the point that many persons confuse "electricity" with total primary energy. As we can see above, they are very different things. For example, in spite of oil barely being used for generating electricity it is comfortably the numb