We are launching an alternate organization to 350.org because we believe that just wishing for something to happen (in other words for the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to go back to 350 ppm) is absurd in the light that we break a new CO2 emissions record every year.

So, it makes no sense to invest time, effort and money in pursuing an impossible objective. 

Let's state here in what we firmly believe: nobody alive today will ever see again 350 ppm.

So, if not 350, where are we headed? 

We are "easily" headed for 550 ppm, thus the name of our non-profit.

Before we proceed further, let us state why we believe our non-profit will be more attractive than 350.org:

  1. We will not, ever, under any circumstances ask for donations. Hell, we won't even accept them even if somebody volunteers some money.
  2. We won't be dogmatic. We won't believe blindly in models, organizations (e.g. IPCC) or the Pope. We will strive to actually listen to reality.
  3. If 550 ppm is going to have consequences, we'll focus on minimizing the negative impacts and taking advantage of the positive ones.
  4. We won't promote any "feel good" actions that are actually irrelevant. So, you can stay at home: no need to pack yourself in diesel buses and march against something. 
  5. We are against carbon taxes (at the end of the day, C taxes are just taxes so thanks, but no thanks).
  6. We support the discontinuation of subsidies for all energy sources, starting with renewables. 
  7. We believe nuclear energy is safe, dense, reliable, scaleable and affordable.
  8. We do not believe that reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is THE priority of humanity (actually, it is not). 
Now, although we don't accept donations, we do accept $100 USD bets.

If the CO2 concentration does (miraculously) drop to 350, each member of 550.org will contribute $100 USD to: www.feedthechildren.org

If you bet against 550 and we do reach 550 ppm, then you should donate $100 USD to Feed the Children.


Our objective is to educate the world not only respecting climate science, but more importantly, on engineering reality. The world cannot afford to go the way of the Energiewende. We want to be the voice of reason in the climate / energy discourse. 

We are open for suggestions and observations. Nothing in 550.org is, or will ever be, written in stone.

Please feel free to add to the conversation in Twitter.

Thank you!


.?. said…
This is a brilliant idea! I'm in for it!
.?. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Urs Bolt said…
This is a brilliant idea! I'm in for it!
Mike Dombroski said…
I'd like to compliment you on a very nice blog.
Anonymous said…
This is both hilarious and brilliant. You need a show Luis! Too bad there isn't a bigger market for climate pragmatism comedy :)
Anonymous said…
This is fantastic!

You could always do a YouTube channel for the show idea.... The Climate Comedy Show with your host Luis!

... just a thought. ;0)
Doug Proctor said…
Delta 150 ppm, at 2 ppm per year .... somehow the concept of a bet on this doesn't bother me one way or another .....
kelly said…
Sounded good until 7) Nuclear power is safe.
Did you hear about a little incident in Japan a few years back?
Or do you think radiation itself is overrated in its danger?
Ralph said…
Wasn't it the mid 1930's when the atmosphere was at a nice, safe 310ppm the US had some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded?
Anonymous said…
Kelly, that "little incident" was caused by a tsunami, not the earthquake.
Where do I sign up for 550org?
Anonymous said…
There is a documentary titled The Changing Climate of Global Warming that has a clip of the 350.ORG event. It is pretty funny. It also covers the increase in crop yield with the increase in CO2.
Tamarack said…
Down with half-baked "green" (= not really green) technology! Up with 550.org!
Unfortunately I'll be dead before then however you can find my carbon contribution at Streetly crematorium. 😂

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