The Air Conditioned Office

As long as we have persons concocting "solutions" to world problems from the comfort of their air conditioned offices we will continue to see completely impractical or even absurd proposals.

My request to them is: come to the real world! Get your hands dirty. Speak with the people that are desperately poor. Ask persons all over which are their real priorities. Try to understand economics and get a modicum of knowledge respecting engineering.

If these reality insulated persons came to the real world, they would realize that climate change is hardly a priority for anybody.

Right. Their priorities are feeding, and educating their families. Increasing their standard of living. And yes, maybe even be better prepared for violent weather.

How do you achieve all of the above? By, among other things, having access to abundant, reliable, affordable energy.

Today, for the most part, energy with the above mentioned characteristics are mainly fossil fuels. Yes, eventually other energies will compete and grab a significant part of the market but that process may take decades, many decades.

At this stage no energy can be removed from the table, least of all coal. Today coal is the #1 source of electricity worldwide and the EIA projections maintain it in the top position at least through 2040.

Is there something worse than coal? Yes, absolutely. Worse than coal is bio-mass or no energy at all.

So, if coal is the best option today for India or other countries, let it be.


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