Tweeting About Fossil Fuels

Before tweeting against fossil fuels, please realize that the whole process is fossil fuel powered.

  • The mining, smelting, refining of the metals and compounds required.
  • The manufactory / assembly of most smartphones has a heavy China component and in that country coal rules in the primary energy supply.
  • Shipping the smartphone to your country is usually done either in petrol powered ships or kerosene powered airplanes.
  • And now, you have to power both your phone as well as the Twitter servers. Globally, coal is the #1 source of electricity and natural gas sits firmly at #2.
  • Finally, the money you (or rather, your parents) needed to pay for your phone was earned with the support of fossil fuels.
So, if you are anti-fossil fuels you'll probably be more consistent if you do not tweet at all.

Thank you.

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